20 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog!


You’ve possibly well thought out that writing a blog post is really only half the battle. It takes some additional creativity to really get people to your blog so they can enjoy your blog posts.

Until you have a large, active following for your blog, it can be disheartening checking your analytics and seeing how few people actually read your posts.

I mean, you know how great your posts are, and I know how great they are, but how can we let others in on the secret?

I’ve gathered this list of tactics that will help you to promote your blog and push traffic to your website. Most of these shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes, so setting aside 15 minutes each time you write a post to promote it as well will put in you good stead.

1. Promote it to your email contact list.

It totally Depend on how often you email your subscribers, link to each blog post you write, or put together a set of your favorite posts from the week. Try incorporating mainly titles from your posts and include a ‘read more’ link to the full post.

2. Share Blog Post it on your Facebook page

I’m sure you’re sharing your posts already on social media like Facebook but I had to remark it also. Make sure your blog images have the right size for Facebook so they’re presented at maximum capacity (including images significantly increases CTR).

3. Share Blog Posts on Google+ for extra SEO benefits

If you were not already using Google+, I’d encourage you to get started. Sharing your blog posts in your Google+ circles is not only great for driving referral traffic, but is also becoming progressively important for SEO.

4. Include a link on all your social media profiles

Make sure you include a link on each and every social media profile you have, even on those sites you may not use regularly.

5. Submit your link to Reddit

As one of the major social bookmarking sites out there, submitting your posts to Reddit is definitely worth your while. Who knows when one of your posts will increase to the top of the around 70K links that are submitted every day.

6. Guest posting

Offer to contribute a post to popular blogs in your niche. Remember to include a link back to your blog in your author bio, preferably along with the offer of a free guide, e-book or any product information..

7. Comment on other blogs in your niche

Become a fixture at the blogs of other well-known people in your niche. Leave intelligent and valuable comments, and contribute meaningfully to ongoing debates. Consider: quality over quantity.

8. Optimize for the search engines

While SEO has changed as of late, it’s definitely not dead! Make sure your posts contain keywords that people may be looking for. Pay particular importance to including your keywords (and variations of your keywords) in your title, headings, as well as in your content.

9. Contribute in the forums in your niche

Let me be clear: do NOT join other forums simply for the sake of promoting your blog. Participate in niche forums with the goal of helping others, sharing ideas, and people will naturally want to find out more about you.

10. Exchange posts with another blogger

Propose a post exchange with another blogger in your niche. Try to choose someone with a similar audience size and demographic, and both of you will benefit from the cross promotion.

11. Pin to your own Pinterest board

Create a board on Pinterest specifically for your blog posts. Make sure you use great images that add value and interest to your posts.

12. Pin to a Pinterest contributor board

See if there’s a popular Pinterest board you can pin to as a contributor. This can help drive traffic to your blog as well as to your Pinterest boards.

13. Created an Infographic based on a post

Expand your audience by re-organizing your blog posts and making them into Infographics, and submit those to the Infographic directories like visual.ly.

14. Try social ads

You may try at Facebook ads, promoted posts, or sponsored tweets. This cannot only boost traffic to your blog, but can also increase your social media following.

15. Have obvious social share buttons

How hard is it for your blog readers to share your content with their friends? Make sure your social share buttons are in a prominent location, and that you’re including all the major players: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn (at the least).

16. Target the long tail

When optimizing your blog posts for the search engines, be sure to pepper your content with longer, more specific phrases that people may be searching for. With Google’s move towards more natural-language search, blogs that rank well for long tail search queries will be miles ahead of the competition.

17. Hold a contest

Hosting a contest on your blog is always a great way to not only generate some buzz, but to drive traffic to your site. Promote the contest to your email list, social media followers, and be sure to submit your contest-to-contest directories.

18. Become a contributor at a popular website

If you’re already quite well known in your niche, apply to become a regular contributor to a well-known news or business magazine. This can be a great way to establish your reputation as a thought leader as well as to drive traffic to your blog.

19. Mention an influential person in a post

If it’s relevant to a post you’re writing, include a reference to an influential person in your niche. Then be sure to @ mention them in a tweet or tag them in a Facebook post. Who knows: they may just share it with their followers too.

20. Put your blog url on all your marketing materials

Don’t forget about offline marketing! Make sure to include your blog url on all your marketing materials, both offline and online: your brochures, product pamphlets, business card, banners, etc.

I’d encourage you to set aside a few minutes each time you write a blog post to implement at least a couple of the strategies above. You’ll be amazed to see what you accomplish in a short amount of time when you’re intentional about promoting your blog!

So, What’s your best ways to promote your blog? How much time do you set aside for ways to promote your blog? Share below your experience in the comment box!

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