How to Share to Posts With Timesaving Social Media Tools

timesaving social media tools

Timesaving Social Media Tools 

These tools help you to spend your time more powerfully, creating additional time in your day. Not only are you saving time with the work that you do, you’re also adding those saved minutes back into your other work, to reinvest and spend on the activities you think best.

Here’re some timesaving social media tools:

1.     Buffer – scheduling social media content and analyzing its key stats

2.     Canva – creating images to share on social and in blogposts

3.     Followerwonk – figuring out our ideal schedule for when to share on Twitter

4.     SumAll – tracking our social media stat growth via a daily email

5.     Pocket – saving and reading content to share

6.     Nuzzel – find the stories that our fans and followers are sharing on social

7.     Feedly – RSS feed management for our favorite blogs

8.     Swayy – personalized content recommendations

9.     Mention – tracking our Buffer mentions across social and blogs

10.  IFTTT – automating simple tasks like adding tweets to spreadsheets

11.  Zapier – additional automation options

12. – finds great content from those we follow

13. – newsletter aggregation and management

14.  Bulk Buffer – adds batches of updates to our Buffer via a spreadsheet

15. – helper app for creating a simple Buffer schedule

Using your time better and removing something from your day go faster. A better use of time often means finding and removing any non-essential tasks.


Which activities on social media could you remove or reduce?

I found a couple areas of excess that I was able to shore up a bit.

  • I used to spend a lot of time creating images to share on social. These images are now part of our blog post process, and we use Canva to make the process as quick and simple as can be.
  • I used to spend time going back to our recently published posts to reshare them. Now I schedule a new post multiple times over several queue slots as soon as it’s published. (Tools like CoSchedule make this type of scheduling quite easy).
  • I used to spend a lot of time sorting through the email notifications from social networks each time someone engaged with my updates or my profile. I’ve turned many of these email notifications off (turning off favorites was a good place to start).

Scheduling your social media posts a week in advance

1. Batch the Process – Batching an activity in this way should make it a bit more efficient than dipping in and out of scheduling at random times throughout the week.

2. Upload a Series of Tweets – Add top-performing tweets to a spreadsheet, then upload the file to Bulk Buffer, which will add all the tweets right into your queue. 

3. Manage Content Calendar for Your Social Media Sharing 

Creating a list of go-to articles to reshare

1. Use a Separate Account in Buffer to Save Your Best-Performing Updates

2. Export Your Analytics from Buffer, Twitter, or Facebook, and Mark the Posts That Performed Well

Finding a reliable source for content suggestions

Curating great content requires a couple of steps.

1.     Find the content

2.     Read the content to make sure it’ll be a winner content with your followers

I have some resources to find great content …

  • Buffer’s content suggestions. The stories here are hand-curated by our Buffer team, led by Courtney.
  • Nuzzel,, Swayy. These tools highlight the posts that are being shared by those you follow on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Twitter lists. You can create a go-to list of your favorite curators by adding them to a Twitter list. Browse the Twitter list to see all the stories they share .
  • Email newsletters. So much of the content we love comes via our inbox. We subscribe to newsletters of people who inspire us and websites we admire. Some of our favorites include Digg5 Intriguing Things, and The Next Draft.


Having more time to spend on social media is an amazing gift. I’ve place together some thoughts on this, including what I’ve learned from experience and from the inspiration of others. I’d love to hear your social media timesaving tips, tools and advice, also!

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