Public Relations & Social Media Tactics [Infographic]

How will you change up your social media tactics for 2015?



  • Upload images in tweets to get 4 times engagement. Better to download the picture individually and upload using If you use a 3rd party tool like HootSuit, sometimes twitter will display only a link to the image, which means Twitter, doesn’t trust the source.
  • Express your story concluded images.
  • Have a “Click to Tweet” or “Tweet This” option in your press release.
  • Specify sample Tweets to readers so they will share your message, include a link back to your website in your suggested Tweet.
  • Find out which influencers talk about you on Twitter and write Tweets for them.


  • 33% of YouTube searches are news related. Create content that helps these searches to stay significant and boost your SEO.

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Google Plus

  • Create an accurate Wikipedia & Google Plus profile for your brand to get it placed in search results.
  • Filling out your Google Plus account will help you to have higher search results.
  • Use Google Plus community to target marketers and tech influencers.


  • Pinterest is great for driving B2B & B2C traffic back to your site.
  • Pinterest is usually used for inspiration, visual representation, and to show your “beautiful life.”
  • People pin news on Pinterest.
  • 80% of users on Pinterest are women.
  • It’s a great search source for PR people.
  • Pinterest has a high click through rate.
  • Old content is put up, each time someone pins or likes it.


  • Use the LinkedIn long form publishing service to increase reach for professionals on that network.
  • Find thought leaders in your company and encourage them to post on your company’s LinkedIn page, so media can pick up your articles.
  • Your first post on LinkedIn gets additional visibility, so make sure it is a good one.

No single voice

  • Write for a highly targeted audience or segment your audience and split your voice to each segment of those users.
  • Be relevant for each particular audience (for example, use weather to create relevant posts when segmenting by geography).


  • Is now “Pay to Play” for brands in 2015, which means it’s almost impossible for business pages to get organic traffic from their fans.
  • Test your posts by geography and demographics & parse by type for increased reach.
  • Past content can surface to the top if someone you know comments or likes it (Also true for Pinterest). Use this to your advantage by having different colleagues comment/like posts after their reach slows.


  • Google picks up the first 70 characters of a headline. Sometimes it skips the subheading to grab the first sentence of the release. Make the first sentence stand out and match the headline.

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Did I miss any public relations & social media tactics? Comment below and let us know what I should add.


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  1. From this, i came to know that on which social media sites what content I should post according to their viewers. As on youtube people mostly search for news section and on Pinterest, there are mostly women who are suffering. Thanks for sharing the information New Social Media 2017.


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