How to Get More Social Shares – 6 Quick Tweaks & An Infographic!

The only key to success in social media marketing for go into motion is to make people share your content. This will be how you grow your viewership the most. As a startup owner, the responsibility is on you to produce sharable content – creative and concise content that will not only show off your product in positive light, but also engross the attention of readers as well. The simple unique rule is social media marketing relies on shares – more for startups.

Start with creating an attention-grabbing headline that will attract the readers, and your content will be more likely to be shared by readers. Always remember that a good headline should be relevant to things that people are interested in reading and directed at your specific audience.

Make content with planning that advertises some instant satisfaction like some free stuffs or a surprising concession that will get shared like wildfire.

Human nature is such that buyers cannot resist free gifts. Giving things away free has always been a tried and trusted method of bringing people to your business, and the fact that your advertisement is online should create greater impact.

If possible produce some entertaining content. Sometimes just having humorous content is enough to get it shared, even if the content has not much relevance to your invention or business. In fact, having some filler content is more likely to bring prospects to your social media page or your business’s website.

Deliver authority to your content or else it will look offhand. Have some sort of tangible, proven value behind your content that will draw people in and make them want to share it. After all, all social shares are mainly driven by a desire to show their circle of friends and family things that they have found out before everyone else.

Make it a point to share interesting and informative posts from others. In social media environment, being connected is going to be what will give you the most success.

If your startup shares posts from others in your business’s area or other accessible sources, people will be more attracted to your posts.

With social media, your startup must figure out how to get engagement from your target customers. You can share incredible content and have a great social media profile, but if you’re not getting others to engage you’ll never get more followers and more visitors to your website.

1. Improve your blogs user experience

Its known by all that the first impressions are very important, so take a look at your blog and ask yourself what really needs to be there.

Are components in your sidebar performing a function, helping users or helping you to get your goals?

If not – just leave all of them.

Set the concentration back on your content, minimize distractions and not only will you get more shares, but your bounce rate will decrease and visitors will spend more time on your site.

2. Control social proof

The message is – your content isn’t worth sharing.

Notwithstanding how great your content is, that’s the impression that will be given.

My suggestions would be to prevent displaying share counts until you start to receive a particular number of shares.

3. Use larger social sharing buttons

One of the problems that a lot of blogs have is that their social sharing buttons are hidden away and they don’t attract much attention.

4. Use social media sharing tools

Use tools like, Buffer, Post Planner and others to schedule posts. This will free you to create even more great content.

5. Install social media sharing buttons for your audience to share your content

If you aren’t displaying social share buttons, you will make it much harder for people to share your content.

I still see a lot of blogs with no social sharing buttons, or the share buttons that they do have are hardly visible.

Make sure you have social share buttons that are easily visible.

A suitable standard would be to focus on the key social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+, like Neil Patel does on You may also do the same and provide an extra more button where you can place other social networks.

In addition, tools like AddThis and Shareaholic provide an easy way to add share buttons, no matter what platform your blog is running on. I am using Shareaholic with SwiftBud.

6. Observe results

See which posts get the most shares by using Google's URL Builder, Google Analytics and Buffer.

Check out the below infographic for more detail:


So thats all about How to Get More Social Shares from my side, What about your experience about social sharing, share your thoughts in the comments.

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