How Does Google Search Works with Spiders & Crawling [Infographic]

Now in this post, I am going to explain about how does Google search work.


How Does Google Search Works with Spiders & Crawling?

Spiders fetch the web on a few web pages, and then follow the links on those pages. It allows Google to index over 100 million gigabytes of information.

Algorithm of Google

Google writes the program to give you the best results.

  1. Spell Correction
  2. Auto Complete
  3. Synonym Finder
  4. Query understanding
  5. Google Instant
  6. Search Methods

Google decides what to show you by asking over 200 questions. Few most important questions are on the top.

How many times does this page contain your keyword?


You need to correctly use keywords on your website or blog. The aim with this is to keyword optimise the pages on your site without anyone being able to express that you’ve done so. If you achieve this then you’ll please both visitors to your site and Google. You should aim for a combination of words that are actually used by a search audience.

Do the words appear in the title or in the url.


It is most important to use your keywords in url and title of that page. The title should be of 70 characters and url should be 5-6 words.

Does the page include synonyms for those words.

The use of synonyms in creating an SEO plan for your blog or website is pretty common. Finding those synonyms, however, is not always easy or is done properly.

I think the best way to search for these terms is to use Google. The reason for that is that you get to see not only the synonyms themselves but also how they are ranking in competitors’ pages.

All this appears in 1/8 second.

Results of Google

Knowledge graph


Shows results based on a database of real world people places & things, and connections between them.


Shows small previews of information such as a page title & short descriptive for each result.

Voice Search

Ask what you want and the answers are spoken back to you.


Displays image based results with thumbnails.


Shows answers and information for sports, score, the weather, and quick facts.


Videos thumbnails to help you decide what to watch.


Access to online newspapers and blogs from around the world.

To understand the full functionality, here I am presenting it through an infographic for how does Google search work:


Now You understand the guide to how does Google search works. So what you think about Google search functionality? As a blogger, I love it because it provides a lot of traffic and revenue to my businesses.

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  1. Now a days lanking of a webpage in google depends on 50+ factors. Gone are the day when ranking was only dependent on number of backlinks It became more complex now. Google now focus more on the reader's experience on your website. Whether or not your page is mobile friendly or not is also a significant factor in google ranking.


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