Best Place to Share Blog Posts After Publishing For Promotion

These Social Media aren’t just amazing and beneficial for Bloggers to share, but these are pretty much important for all Businesses, Startups and Entrepreneurs who want to make their Social Media Identity and Presence. Well, it must be, because I found myself impressed with these Social Media tools, as I started taking a few of the social publishing platform like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, stumble upon, and LinkedIn quite seriously, Then I thought, I should share it with you all.


Google plus Profile

Your Google plus profile is the best place to start sharing, as if you are connected with related people, they will love to see what you have recently written. If you want to take maximum advantage of sharing on Google plus profile, make sure you share your latest post with a custom call to action message, and share visibility is set to Public. Also add a 2 to 3 hashtags with the post, so that others’s also can see your post.

Google plus Page

People connected with your blog via Google plus page, are the one who wants to see more from your blog. If you are not comfortable or lazy to share your content on Google plus page, you can schedule your posts as auto-share with Jetpack or Hootsuite. I am using  NextScripts with SwiftBud. If you regularly publishing on your Google plus page, this will help you to show your Google plus page in Google search results also.

Google plus communities

Google plus communities is another great place which can drive targeted traffic to your quality posts. All you need to do is to go to Google plus and search for relevant communities of your niche, and join them. Whenever you publish a new blog post, share it on the Google plus community. Make sure you read the rules of the community before submitting, as few of them don’t allow post-submission and is open only for discussion.


It’s a good idea to tweet your article multiple times, but the gap should be maintained as 12 hours between posts. There are many auto-sharing tools like bufferapp, Hootsuite are available. The Revive old post plugin for auto post is also available in WordPress, install & activate this plugin. And don’t forget to share your thought on this.


A simple to use Web app for Twitter, where you get points for retweeting other people content, and you can submit your content for retweeting. For every post, try to earn 20 points minimum, and use it for for promoting your content via their service. Your article will be tweeted by real-people, and thus it will be helpful to get more traffic.


StumbleUpon is the place where we can discover content, and one of the popular social-bookmarking site. StumbleUpon is not working with all types of content, but it can drive thousands of traffic in short span of time if picked up by this network. Only you need to submit your latest post with proper tags, description, and then wait for the magic to happen.

Facebook profile

You have to share only those stuff which are really qualitative or its better to not promote until you have a decent number of friends and followers with your niche blog subject or topic.

Facebook Fan page

The Facebook page is one of the main sources of referral traffic. I usually like to share my content in different formats like images, plain text and simple link share. Your blog Fanpage is engaging users to comment, like and discus more on that topic which you shared on your Facebook page.

Pin your post to Pinterest

Pinterest works better if you are using good quality images on your blog.

Email your users

You can use Feedburner for Email-marketing, and forget about sharing your latest post manually. If you are using Aweber, then you should give your latest post a share via an Email. Use a catchy title, and share about latest published post with your Email subscribers. is a content curating tool, where you can create categories and submit the content. A good strategy is to create topics under your account (same as your blog categories), and use it to curate your content. You should also curate other blog content to make your topic page more interesting and useful.

Submit post image to Flickr

You should upload your image to Flickr. Simply use proper tags, and link back to your article via description.

There are many more social bookmarking websites which you can use to submit your blog post and drive traffic. Here are few niche based social-bookmarking websites, which you should use depending upon your traffic:

  • Reddit: You can search for sub-reddits and submit your articles there to drive traffic. You need to maintain high-quality else your submission will not work here
  • : For WordPress related articles.
  • For SEO, SMO, Blogging and internet marketing related articles.

There are huge places that you can use to promote your blog post, but as of now this list is a good list to start sharing your contents. Make it a habit to share your blog post after publishing on above listed places, and let the traffic grow. When you share, always add a custom message and Hashtag to make it more social and viral at the same time.

These are all from my side for you, but if you know some other good platform to share then please let me know in the comment.

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  1. These are the awesome tips to follow every blogger, i am totally agree with you. social media is most important for any of the blog post to go live on the air.


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