SEO Tips & Tricks For Your Blog Optimization

To make a success of your blog their necessities that you use apply some search engine blog optimization tips. The whole idea is to increase visibility and traffic to your website.

The thumb rules for a website optimization are:

The Useful and Unique the content the more the visitors

The two basic elements of good blog content are usefulness and uniqueness. The content has to be in-depth, high-class and to the point. It has to be periodically updated to improve ranking. Keywords are important to the content and have to be used very carefully. Overuse of keywords is considered negative SEO practice. Write meaningful and useful content for your reader. The uniqueness of content will drive more traffic to your site.

Keywords Use

You should choose the right keywords to describe your article, service, product or the information you want to promote. One of the best ways to incorporate keywords into your blog posts is to use them in your blog post titles. Try to use your keywords (without keyword stuffing) multiple times in your blog post.  The image alternate text, can also help your search engine optimization efforts. Keywords improve the visibility of the post and have to be very thoughtfully used. Inspect the standard set of keywords. Use the ones that are attractive and user-friendly. Place the keywords on the URL, page titles and file names. Vary the text by using synonyms so that you get more hits. The ideal keyword density is about 2-5% in an article. For keyword research use the Google Adwords tool – Keyword Planner.

SEO Responsive URLs

URLs drive traffic to a website. Use appropriate keywords in the URL to increase visibility. Preferably do not use special characters into the URL.

Backlinks Creation

Use your contacts to post your links on their pages. Always confirm that the links come from trusted with high authority websites. Add links to your site too. Appeal with more powerful links. Use wiki links and trackbacks. Always repair broken links to help the end-user find the right sites.

User friendly web design

Create an attractive website design. Improve web-loading time. Remember that the Internet surfer has the attention about their time and speed, so provide precious information and links to help build customer relationship. Include appropriate information and resources to attract potential customers.

Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising

This is an online advertising model to drive traffic to a website. Use this technique to get your site among the top few of a search engine like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc. Decide the cost of each click and get instant website promotion. In case you are short of money use Payday loans that offers instant cash for advertising.


Share your ideas, interact with customers, and respond to queries. A successful blogger builds up great customer relation and helps optimize his website in the process.

Social media Tools

Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, Instagram, MySpace are used by almost everyone today. A lot of people sign in through these sites. They are therefore popular sites to advertise your products and services and grab customer attention. Link your website to these Social Media sites and increase your customer base. These sites will drive heavy traffic to yours.


You may use Buffer for scheduling and sharing your posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ throughout the day, at a very less time.

SEO Tools

There are  some SEO tools available online to help you on your way to optimize your website:

Moz Toolbar
SEO Quake
URL spam detector
Website loading speed checker
Google Index
Website SERP checker
Meta tag generator
Keyword position checker
Keyword checker
Backlink checker
Keyword research tool
Sitemap generator

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