On Page SEO: Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts with Planning

On page SEO is the first key to success your blog. As a blogger, you should always try to improve writing skills. Whatever you write, it must be original. Don’t copy or steel content from others blog or website. And also you don’t have redundant content on your site. This will also kill your rankings. Always read successful writers and observe what techniques they are using for their writing. You may need to join any course that helps increase your vocabulary or teaches writing skills. Observe the ad campaigns and the catchy lines in them. Ask your friends to give their honest opinion about your writing pieces and try to overcome your weak points.

I always find the questions asked On Quora and always follow the queries asked on Quora. It is the best network to find problems and provide the solutions to the questions asked in your expertise area. The ideas also come from there to write on those particular topics. So it’s my personal opinion to think along with the problems and try to provide the best solutions possible by your writing. Even you may write an article about the same if you feel so that can help others also.

If you really like to write about some trending topics, then you must follow the trending hashtags, which are trending on twitter, facebook, instagram etc. you can search the tags like popular, trending, hot hashtags on these networks. I follow some of my trending topics, which I like to write upon.

The keyword research and planning is most important thing for on page SEO. I already have written about “keyword research for Blog”, the same strategy for keyword research would apply for writing an article. The success of an article depend upon your proper blog optimisation, so always try to write the article with proper blog optimisation and with proper keyword research.

Plan your post in a calendar

blog writing plan with editorial calendar
I personally recommend using editorial calendar where you can manage record and also you may schedule your post. Generally the ideas come in our mind then we forget to share those at right time, it’s better to have proper planning to write some useful things.

Key processes to score your website SEO

You must be writing with lots of research and readings. But it is also important to think your articles to increase your domain authority. These things can be done to keep in mind some processes that are important for SEO. Here are the key processes to score your website SEO:

1. Find out the domain authority — If the site has a low DA, it needs some SEO work.
2. Determine the site load time — A slow site speed indicates there is room for SEO improvement.
3. Check for a sitemap — No sitemap means poorer SEO.
4. Check the robots.txt — If a site lacks the robots.txt or disallows content crawling on major areas of the site, it indicates an SEO problem.
5. Check for Meta content — Meta tags are important for SEO. A site should have them.
6. Check for H-tags— Having the right H-tags is an important ingredient of good SEO.
7. Check for onsite content— Healthy content marketing is an essential ingredient of good SEO.
8. Test keywords.

So, if you find all aspects of SEO are going positive then you can really find yourself relax, but you don’t be relax because these things are on going processes to test and increase your domain authority regularly.

What is your thinking process to prepare an article & how do you write your articles?

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