How to do keyword research for An Event Based Blog & Micro-Niche Site

The first step to be followed for an event based blog or for writing an article is to choose an event. Most of us just choose the event without doing research on it. So it’s highly recommended to do Event research before picking it up. For every blog post or article I would recommend you all to use Google Adwords keyword tool. No need to go for other keyword tool or software.

The problem doesn’t end here. Most of us don’t do proper research in this step and it will ultimately lead to failure of your event blog. Let me help you.

Let me explain How doing keyword research for you with an example of Christmas event (as many of you are working on it). If you take the example of an event – Christmas, Now open up Google Keyword Planner and change the date to last year’s date of that event. (This is what most of us don’t do).

I changed it to December 2013 and you can see a rough estimate of total searches (around 9,140,000) and if you don’t change the date to the event date it’s showing only around 12k searches.
How to do keyword researchSo whenever you do research for an event makes sure to change the date range to that of last year’s event date or the date when it occurred last time. Now the second thing that comes is keyword research. So for this you have to start with the basic keyword. Like for example search “Christmas games” or “Christmas tree” etc. This way you will get a good list of all main keywords that get high searches. You should also make use of the “Include/ Exclude keyword option”

A Google Related search shows the best keywords to work on. Keyword planner is just for an overview of the event and the main keywords.

The same methodology of keyword research is also works for an article writing as well.

For content planning:

  • Pick those topics which will last for long.
  • Make this micro-niche site like a wikipedia for the topic.
  • Pick the keywords which are driving traffic or CPC.

So instead of being particular about picking only high AdSense CPC keywords, create a mindmap of content. Which was more like a FAQ of that topic. For example:

  • What is topic
  • How to use Topic
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using topic
  • Important Facts about topic

These were some basics, Keyword research is very broad and can’t be explained completely. I will try to post some more articles about keyword research with more explanation. As of now just open up the tool yourself and check up different keywords at your end. Have something to say. Write your thoughts in the comment.

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