On Page SEO: Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts with Planning


On page SEO is the first key to success your blog. As a blogger, you should always try to improve writing skills. Whatever you write, it must be original. Don’t copy or steel content from others blog or website. And also you don’t have redundant content on your site. This will also kill your rankings. … Read more

Key Concerns for Choosing a Website Hosting (Server) Company

Best website hosting company

There are many factors which causes our website speed and to avoid the load we have aleady discussed some SEO Tips & Tricks For Blog Optimization. Same as your website needs to be built on a solid foundation, and one of the key starting points for this is where your website is hosted. Hosting Terminology We also can … Read more

How to Improve your Site Search Ranking with Some Small SEO Tools


Hope you are doing well after setting up your own blog, Now there are many best SEO tools and websites, but here I am writing about some which are small are useful for your site’s search ranking. Simple Websites Will Always Lead to Better SEO Ranking. So now you follow these ways, and watch your website increase … Read more

A Step By Step Guide to Setup your Self-Hosted WordPress Website [Infographic]


How To Install & Run Your Self-hosted WordPress Website WordPress is the most popular content management system on the Internet (and it’s absolutely free). Now Get your blog up and running in just 15 minutes by setting up WordPress. To describe the installation method, I have put together the info-graphic below that takes you through the process of step to … Read more