3 Blogging Basics: If you are struggling for ideas?

Before going into details, I would like to tell you that simple fundamental of Blogging which I feel is: I blog because I like and enjoy.

Before making a blog, do remember some basic things, which you don’t have to try at any cost:

  • Don’t blog, just only for money.
  • Blog for passion or desire and blog for yourself first.
  • Before posting a blog article ask yourself one question: Is it helping me or is it helping even a single person, and then hit the publish button.
  • Ignore other blog and bloggers that discourages you instead of motivating you.
  • When you see other successful blog, think what action you can take to reach there and start implementing.

Just concentrate to your blog topic and write anything that interests you. One of the biggest mistake is, what’s the point of writing something which is written hundred of times. But the fact is, every day new Internet user is born and your blog might be the first few Websites, which a new user will come across. He might have never heard about Google webmasters or even blogging before. So, write everything that you are learning and doing in your day-to-day life. Repeating myself again: concentrate to your niche or blog subject, don’t try to jump other niche except your interest area or subject.

3 Blogging Basics


The main basics of blogging are:

1. Writing

Writing is not a hard thing to do. I already told that a blog is easy as you write in your diary, just follow your interests followings and you will be acceptable and fine.

  • Write, Write, And Write: There is only one proven way to become an expert in any field, practice. You have to do the actual thing to learn. And with writing, the case is same. You have to write a lot to learn writing well. Start writing and write a lot as much as possible.
  • Try Free and Open Writing: If you are struggling for ideas? Try to turn off everything else what you are doing right now and open a blank document. Go full screen and for the next 5 minutes, do not do anything but write. Write everything that comes to your mind. Do not stop in between. After 5 minutes, you will be amazed to see how many ideas are there.
  • Set A Writing Schedule: If you train your brain to do one thing at a particular time, it will soon make it a habit. So try writing on a fixed schedule.
  • Do Whatever You Want: Every human is different and everything does not work for everyone. So don’t care about what others say. Do what makes you write. For example, I usually write with my tech musings and love to share my blogging ideas and experiences. Other think it is distracting but I write quite easily with it.

2. Reading

All of us do a bit of reading everyday And it is really helpful. Reading helps you by presenting you to some amazing ideas. By reading, you can learn a lot.

  • Read Other Blogs: Blogs have lot of innovative ideas and reading blogs in your niche can get you lot of good ideas.
  • Read Books: Books have one advantage over blogs: structure. Most of the blogs publish posts that are not in a specific order. with book, you go systematically, according to structure.
  • Research: It pays to know about latest happenings in your niche. When free, go and surf a bit and learn what’s new and famous in your niche.

I repeat, spend more time as much as possible at Reading and Implement them quickly before that technique becomes outdated.

3. Promotion

Promotion is one of the hardest things to do. Many bloggers read and write well, but fail here. And this is one of the biggest reasons of failure.

  • Guest Post: Guest posting is one of the best ways to get traffic. Though you may not get hundreds of visitors in a single day, guest posts will get you constant traffic and help in search engine optimization (SEO) as well.
  • Search Engines: Search Engines are one of the largest sources of traffic. By optimizing your blog posts for them, you can attract a good amount of traffic easily.
  • Comment: By leaving comments on other blogs, you can get visits by other interested bloggers. Though you need to make your content interesting.
  • Social Circle:I have seen that many bloggers do not share their blog in their own social circles. If you are doing it, stop and start telling others about your blog.


If you master reading, writing and promoting, you will soon be a Pro Blogger. Ignore other things, just try different things in these three and see the result.

Always remember success takes time, but you need to work not only hard, but also need to work smarter, to be successful.

All the best, Start working with some new ideas and do it smartly. 🙂

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