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Starting a blog is easy as you write in your diary or it’s an ongoing process of commentary written by you. It’s your record of expressions that you put in a website and links to other sites on a regular basis with updates. Blogging is of two types 1) Microblogs – it’s small written contents, for e.g. Your activities involve on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. is kind of Microblogging. 2) Technically it is easy to make a blog, but it isn’t easy to create an effective and popular blog.


Variants of the term ‘blog’

  • Blogging: The writing activity for making a post for a blog
  • Blogger: If you are writing the contents for a blog, then you are a blogger.
  • Blogosphere: The online community of blogs and bloggers

Future of Blog

It seems likely that blogging will become even more powerful in the future with more people and businesses accepting the power of bloggers as real-time influencers. Anyone can start a blog, thanks to the simple and free tools like WordPress or Blogger freely available online. The question will likely become not, “Why should I start a blog?” but rather, “Why shouldn’t I start a blog?”

Decision for starting a blog


If You Enjoy Spending Time Surfing the Web and you like writing and most importantly, if you are passionate about your specialized area or topic, then yes you should start a blog. Of course, there are more factors involves like you must feel comfortable while you are sharing your thoughts, opinion and ideas. You are willing to learn the technologies involve with this blogging career. To be a successful blogger, you have to be willing to try new things and ideas to enhance and implement on your blog.

If you are looking forward to high profits in return of easy blogging, you must first know which niche to choose as your blog topic. The below are the best topics which are providing good readers.

1 Health & Fitness
2 Relationships
3 Finance & Insurance
4 Fashion
5 Travel & Tourism
6 Jobs & education
7 Celebrities
8 Buy & Sell
9 Vehicles
10 Social Media
11 Technology
12 Occasions & Gifts

How To Start A Blog Choose the blog topic as per your interest and the area which you really know well and you are confident enough to write the things on that particular blog topic.

You need only 3 things to get your website up and running;

  1. Domain Name – This is the address of your blog/website, for example this site’s domain name is
  2. Web Hosting – This is where your blog is hosted or saved online so that it is available 24 hours a day.
  3. WordPress – This is a free software which helps you easily run and design your blog. You can choose from ten million different layouts and thousands of free plug-ins, add content, edit your pages and so much more. This blog runs on WordPress, just as millions of others.

These three steps can be followed to get your blog up and running in as little as 15 minutes! I hope this shows that blog isn’t hard to make, with the right tools they can be really easy.

Making Money with Blog


It takes time and patience before your blog will start making money. Give it a few months at least, while thinking different ways to attract readers and to make money. Making money online is way easier with projects you put efforts in that. But you need to provide good quality stuff.

10 Points to remember when you write your articles:

  1. Headline Title
    The headline of your articles is the most important thing, This is what interests people and catches their attention towards your article. The better the headline, the more likely people are to read the article or click on the link to your website.
  2. Writing for The People Interest
  3. Write which is considered GOOD to read
  4. Consistency in your writing can make you appear more professional and interesting. These can be helpful things such as:
    1. Using the same styling for links
    2. Using the same image sizes
    3. Structuring your articles in a uniform way, etc
  5. Pictures: use pictures within your articles to help explain things easier.
  6. Link Building: This is the most crucial part of blogging, the deep links within your articles needs to be present for better results and       readability to your readers. The external links are playing the most vital role, so you need to build a relationship with other bloggers to get linked with them also.
  7. Article length will always be good to read, it may not too short and also not too lengthy. The article always has to be on your title and very useful.
  8. SEO friendly: This is done by including certain key words within your text that search engines identify and help rank you well in searches. This doesn’t need to be over, and always remember that you are writing for the reader first, not the machine.
  9. Time To Publish Your Article: The best times to send these are usually during the week, Monday to Thursday between 2-6pm GMT. Because Europe is finishing work and America is starting to wake up. You have a large amount of organic visitors that you could get to your blog. The weekend usually sees a fall in traffic, probably because people go off and do their personal things on the weekend.
  10. Don’t Repeat the The Things: Repetition is really very bad! If you write a post on a specific subject, your next post will always be something different. This is just common sense really. A reader is less likely to come back to your blog and read a post that you wrote a similar one in a few days ago.

Finally, just Ask yourself these 13 questions, your chances of writing great content will increase:

1 Is what you wrote originally?
2 Can you provide practical advice or relevant research?
3 Did you correct any spelling, grammar, or factual errors?
4 Is the topic you chose of interest to a reader or a machine?
5 Is the article well edited?
6 Does your site have authority?
7 Are you providing insightful or interesting information beyond the obvious?
8 Would you bookmark your article?
9 Is your article cluttered with call-to-actions, ads or promotions?
10 Would a magazine or journal print your article?
11 Is your article short, weak and useless?
12 How much time and attention did you give to detail?
13 Would someone complain if they saw this article?


At the end, I would like to add the way I write my blog posts, maybe it’s not good in your writing styles. So keep in mind that no one is perfect in blog writing styles. And you don’t worry; we all always work for our improvements and to increase site search ranking and of course we also can help to each by sharing our thoughts. I will keep posting my ideas and views, but I also want you to involve into this and help me to find the things by your queries and thoughts. Please do share your thoughts in the comment, after all this is the first lesson to start writing and make relationships. 🙂

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